Third Party Logistics ( 3PL) - cargo
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Third Party Logistics ( 3PL)

Third Party Logistics ( 3 PL)

DCS CARGO shall be launching soon Third Party Logistic Services (3PL) to meet the growing demands of Domestic and International clients in Indian Market.The company wishes to provide its clients a comprehensive package to cater to their ever growing needs with its competence in the following core areas of Third Party Logistics Management.

1. Online Inventory Management.

2. Dispatches as per Instructions from the Controlling Branch.

3. Daily Manifesting / Reporting.

4. Inter Branch Co-ordination.

5. 24X7 Security Vigil.

6. Customized Packing to ensure safety of goods in transit.

7. Goods Storage and Transit Insurance

For each types of papers, there are several distinct kinds of topics that can be discussed.

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